Letter to the Editor: Photo clearly doesn’t merit #nofilter hashtag

Dear The Hiking Times,

I’m writing you to correct a grave disservice done to the Instagram hiking community.  On Thursday July 11 at 3:38 PM Mountain Daylight Time, Instagram user ILuvH!k!ing posted a photograph using the #nofilter hashtag.

However, I clearly recognized the hazy desaturation of the Slumber filter.  The picture’s dreamy, vintage feeling is clearly the work of this filter.  Therefore, this user has misled the public by creating a misrepresentation of places as they are, which over the long term engenders a growing dissatisfaction with reality.

I have contacted Instagram to have this egregious error corrected, but have yet to receive a response to my inquiry.  I am hoping with your clout within the hiking community that you may set this matter to right.

Rachelle Vang

La Verkin, Utah

[Editors: We appreciate Ms. Vang’s dedication to truth and accuracy.  We have contacted Instagram regarding the matter, and they were more than happy to help.  The erroneous photograph has been removed, and Instagram promptly sent a couple of goons to teach ILuvH!k!ng’s kneecaps the proper way to use hashtags.]

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