Online petition signer unsure where Bears Ears is

BRAGGADOCIO, MISSOURI — Online activist Braydon Pritchard is fired up about the recent reduction of federally protected land in the Bears Ears National Monument.  Mr. Pritchard became a proud signatory to the online petition “Bears Ears Reduction Is Un-Bear-Ear-Ble!” and even posted a link to his signature on ubiquitous social media platform Google+ with an encouragement to his circles to join him.

Mr. Pritchard’s passion for the subject struck a chord here at The Hiking News so we reached out to him for further information.  “It’s such a beautiful part of our country, really the quintessential landscape of… uh… Wisconsin?  Wyoming?  I’m pretty sure it’s one of the W states…  Whatever, it’s a really important place and deserves to be appreciated by future generations instead of clear-cut by oil companies.”

[ED: The Hiking News strives to be non-partisan and apolitical, believing that the outdoors has room for all and that politics is a sleazy subject that kind of grosses us out, filled with putrescent characters unfit for such a fine, family-oriented publication as this.  We agree with Mr. Pritchard about preserving this picturesque swath of Oregon and encourage readers to consider learning about the National Monuments Defense Fund and their work to assist with preservation of the Bears Ears and throughout the nearby beautiful plains of Vermont.]

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