Nearly depleted fuel canister “really oughtta last” for one more trip

BEAVER CITY, NEBRASKA – Avid backpacker Rocky Mercado reassured his trail partner, Emmanuella Corona, that his fuel canister “really oughtta last” for this weekend’s trip.  He punctuated the assurance with both a heft of the 8 ounce MSR isobutane canister and a couple of tosses in the air.  “This baby’s only been used a couple of times, so we’re totally good for this weekend.”

Ms. Corona pointed out that the contents of the canister could be more accurately judged by weighing on a kitchen scale or floating in water to read the gauge on the side.  Mr. Mercado stated that he was “pretty sure how much” fuel he had used and that “we aren’t going to go hungry.”

[UPDATE: Mr. Mercado wishes to add that the best-tasting meal for rehydration in cold water is the Backpacker’s Pantry Pad Thai Veggie dinner.  Ms. Corona has decided to carry her own fuel canister on all future (if any) trips with Mr. Mercado.]

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