Dad just making up constellations

SLICKPOO, IDAHO – The beauty of the heavens has inspired the curiosity children since the beginning of time, and local dad Oakley Park wasn’t about to let his little ones down.  Knowing that their campsite is an International Dark Sky Place, he did some research to be ready for the inevitable “Daddy, what’s that constellation up there?” from 8 year old Zoya and 6 year old Alvin.

Mr. Park’s halting tones told the precocious pair, “Yeah, that one’s Biggus Doggius… see its tail?  Just follow the line from Roboto Arigatoni’s back windup thingy and it points to his eye, the brightest star in the sky, Arturo Toscanini.  It’s 13 billion ultraviolet-years away, which means you’re seeing light that left the star when King Arthur was on the throne.”

Young Alvin gazed up admiringly.  “My Daddy is the smartest!”  Zoya too gained knowledge that would serve her well for many years to come, as she got a five year head start on mastering the perfect eye roll and wheedling tone.  “Daddy, I learn so much from you,” she said in her sweetest moppet voice, entwining her hand in her father’s.  “Now which star do the sprinkles on my ice cream sundae come from?”

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