Letter to the Editor: Better summit wireless coverage a safety issue

Esteemed The Hiking News Editors,

I recently encountered a situation in the outdoors that is an absolute disgrace.  When I reached the summit of Horse Mountain at 9,952′ I was completely unable to get any kind of cell phone signal.

This is a serious safety concern because I was unable to go Facebook Live from the summit.  I suffer from a debilitating condition known as millennial attention disorder (MAD), where a lack of online attention can lead to loss of self-worth, and, in severe cases, obliteration of identity without the affirmation of friends.  I found myself in serious need of a comment on how kewl I was, and probably would have called for emergency search and rescue if I had been able to do so.

I don’t want my struggle to be about me, though.  So I am asking you to please publish my letter to your millions of worldwide readers to raise awareness of this issue so no one else gets MAD.

Korey Povey

Hygiene, Colorado

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