Community touts bicycle friendliness after painting sharrows on busy streets

CRAB TOWN, IOWA — City officials have taken being bicycle friendly to heart, slapping sharrows on all the busiest streets.  “Little old Crab Town is now the friendliest city to cyclists in the midwest, offering an unheard-of 350 miles of bike ways,” boasts councilman Fabio Kerr.

“This creates a more livable community, and that’s good for everyone.  Who can argue against the benefits of bicycles in the city?  There are environmental gains as well as happier and physically fitter residents.  Best of all, the sharrows accord respect to all our cyclists from those in larger vehicles, as now they’ll slow down and give ample space for our bikers to feel safe on the road,” Mr. Kerr proudly states.

“We did it with a minimum expense to the taxpayer,” Mr. Kerr adds.  “A simple template and bit of spray paint is all it takes to provide motorists with an easy-to-ignore reminder to share the road with two-wheeled vehicles.”

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