Panting man secretly glad downhill hiker didn’t yield

CHUGWATER, WYOMING — While trail etiquette dictates that the downhill hiker should yield to one traveling uphill, Geraint Cochran was secretly glad it wasn’t followed on his recent hike.  “That’s… quite a… climb…” he wheezed as he stepped to the side of the trail to allow Jaydon Mcgowan to proceed on his downhill jaunt.

Hiking ethicists are in general agreement that the uphill hiker should be yielded to, as this allows them to maintain upward momentum.  “Someone slogging uphill should be accorded the occasion to continue on their way,” according to Mikhail Thorpe of the Central Kansas Institute for Hiking Ethics.  “It usually takes someone longer to get back in stride when they’re moving upwards.”

Mr. Cochran admits he really needed that break.  “I could… have just… kept… chugging… away… but now… I… can take… a picture… and… catch my… breath.”  He knew he could have insisted on the right-of-way but chose to make the most of the opportunity instead.  Mr. Mcgowan’s cheery “Almost there, dude!” also helped assuage the violation of hiking ethics.

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