Man can’t believe he forgot his National Parks Passport again

FALMOUTH FORESIDE, MAINE — Pharrell Estes had detailed checklists for his National Parks vacation to double-check that he had all the essential gear like his tent, stove, lantern, and camp chair.  But he left one very important item in the top desk drawer: his National Parks Passport.

“I left the dadgum thing right there where it spent my last trip,” Mr. Estes mopes.  “It’s a bucket list item for me to visit every National Park Service location and get my passport stamped there.  It makes such a great souvenir that not only shows where I have been and when I was there, but also is a guide to where I’d like to go to see the important natural, cultural, and heritage sites of our nation.”

With a sigh, Mr. Estes weighed his options.  “I could always buy another one.  I’m already up to three.  But I’ll probably wind up stamping all the stamps on those paper scraps at the passport station.  One day I might even paste them all in my passport…”

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