Backpacker waxes rhapsodic about new titanium mug

PICKLE GAP, ARKANSAS — Kornelia Lord recently added some lightweight gear to her pack, and she’s delighted with it.  She describes her new titanium mug as being pleasing to hold, durable, and practical.  “The double-wall design keeps my drink the right temperature without burning my fingers.  It also allows me to heat beverages over a stove, and looks great doing so.”

It saves over 100 grams from her load, and looks great to boot.  “Such an improvement over that old plastic mug I used to tote around,” she claims.  “It’s really made this trip for me that I can enjoy this new mug.”

“That was $38 well spent, I think,” beams Ms. Lord as she informs all her campsite friends about her new mug.

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