Camper already knows how to spend next year’s REI dividend

READING, MASSACHUSETTS – Lifetime REI member and avid camper Marlie Gallagher is planning ahead.  After opting to use this year’s current divided to partially fund the purchase of a new hammock and rain fly, the 29 year old informed cashier Tevin Rodrigues that she loves her dividend and already planned to buy a new camp chair that functions as a rocker with next year’s dividend.

adult-barbecue-barbecue-grill-1414221“It’s like I get paid to shop here!” Ms. Gallagher gleefully told Mr. Rodrigues.  “I feel so rewarded for being a customer,” she stated as she applied her $46.72 dividend.  “Too bad it’s not 2020, when I can finally get one of those folding rockers!”

Mr. Rodrigues dutifully smiled and told her that a lot of people like those rockers, and that he had heard they might be included in the fall sale if she didn’t want to wait until spring.

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