“ICYMI” email saves hiker from forgetting tent sale

CLAM FALLS, MINNESOTA – With a sigh of relief, Darcie-Mae Herman expressed her gratitude to online retailer YourPortableOutdoorHome.com for their follow-up email regarding their biggest sale of the season.  “The subject line caught my eye right away,” she said about seeing the email arrive in her inbox.  “ICYMI?  What does that mean?  And then I saw the explanation of ‘In Case You Missed It’ and realized that I had, indeed, missed it!”

The avid backpacker stated that she had been in the market for a new tent, but was not yet ready to make the purchase.  The 15% off sale price, combined with flat $5 shipping and six months’ premium access to the company’s website forums–featuring how-tos, exclusive videos, the chance to connect to other tenting enthusiasts around the world, customized forum signature blocks, and more–got her to pull the trigger on her new Outstrodome Caravanserai 2.0 three-season tent.  “Whew, I’m glad I didn’t pass up the sale price on my sweet new digs…  Thanks, YourPortableOutdoorHome.com, for making sure that I didn’t miss out on this opportunity!”

Herbie Ratliff, Marketing Promotions Director for YourPortableOutdoorHome.com, cited a corporate commitment to the highest level of customer service.  “We knew, with a sale this good, our customers wouldn’t want to miss it, so I tasked our marketing department with locating customers like Ms. Herman who hadn’t yet taken advantage.  We came up with the catchy ‘ICYMI’ acronym to give them the maximum opportunity to participate in these unheard-of savings.”

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