Hiker on summit awed by hashtag possibilities

ABAJO PEAK, UTAH – Callum Clemons took an exhilarating moment at the summit of 11,368′ Abajo Peak to drink in the best way to increase social media engagement of his experience.  “Dude, I am so going to hashtag the crap out of my post from here!  I usually do #mountainfever, #themountainsarecalling, and #masterofthemountains on, like, every post, but this pic is so worthy of #mountainlife and #imonthesummit too.  Those will let me reach a whole new audience!”

Mr. Clemons considered carefully the best angles to omit the communication towers on the summit, claiming that the view was going to look “so rad.”  He reports that he simply wants to share how much he loves getting validation from strangers for his occasional outdoor exploits.  “Every bit of the 2,600 foot elevation gain to the top of this hunk of rock is gonna be worth the effort when I start getting those comments!”

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