Camper one site over was gonna buy that tent but there was a bad review

FUNK, NEBRASKA — One of the appeals of camping for Renzo Palacios is how he learns from everyone around him.  On his weekend campout, he heard from his campground neighbor Harrison Randall that his tent had a bad review.

Mr. Randall, on noticing Mr. Palacios’ new Tent-riffic Embassy-Suites-On-The-Go 6 person tent, strode over with words of wisdom.  “Yeah, man, I was about to buy that tent out because it’s got killer specs and amazing resistance to weather, but then I saw a bad review in the premium forum.  User New2Camping commented that it was really hard to set up, and it was so cheaply made that a squirrel chewed through the wall in ten seconds flat…” the helpful neighbor offered.

“What I love about camping is this feeling of community,” said Mr. Palacios.  When it comes to gear, everyone is so willing to share their knowledge of reading possibly misrepresented reviews from users of unknown experience level in context-free situations where they might or might not have followed directions.  It’s so refreshing to have these distilled opinions offered freely!”

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