Letter to the Editor: Only wusses check Mount Washington higher summits forecast

Dear The Hiking Times Lou-zers [sic],

You are such a bunch of wusses!  You keep telling everyone to check the Mount Washington Observatory Higher Summits Forecast before hiking.  All the true hikers know how to read the weather.  And if that doesn’t work, they’re tough enough to handle whatever it throws at them.All those warning signs are just so that tourists take pictures with them.  The hype about the weather is just an excuse for funding for the observatory so the weather geeks can pretend like they’re roughing it.

I’m going this weekend, and no way am I gonna check that forecast.  It’s probably wrong anyway, and worst case, there’s a road going up it anyway.

Dante Justice

Third Cliff, Massachusetts

[ED. NOTE: Memorial donations for Mr. Justice may be made to the New Hampshire Outdoor Council.]

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