Slightly insane person drives 156 miles just to walk 11

WAGON MOUND, NEW MEXICO — Family is worried about Verity Sikes’ mental stability.  Yesterday, the afflicted woman reportedly drove a 156 mile round trip simply to take an 11 mile hike.

Her mother Constance expressed concerns about her daughter’s behavior, pointing out that she could just go for a walk through the neighborhood, she could twist an ankle, or a bear or something could maul her.  “That’s a lot of driving just to wind up in the same spot,” the worried mother said.  “Verity is under a lot of stress, I know, but couldn’t she have gone to the gym or something instead?”

The daughter was enthusiastic about her trip.  “That was an awesome hike!  I caught the seasonal waterfall in full flow and spotted a bobcat hunting at the edge of a treeline.  I’m gonna go back to that trail again, it was so worth it!”

The elder Ms. Sikes reiterates that no sane person would do that.  “It was awful hot yesterday.  And the bugs!  I saw on the news this was a bad tick season.  I hope Verity doesn’t catch Zika or something like that.  And then there was the story of the machete killer on the trail earlier this year!  She could get lost or get a flat tire.  That poor girl of mine, I love her but she’s off her rocker.”

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