Dining establishment has “Best Pizza Ever” according to thru-hiker

HAZARDVILLE, CONNECTICUT — Italian eatery proprieter Anabia Hughes is proud of her restaurant’s latest review on popular thru-hiking website BlazingWhite.com.  “We got a review where someone called us the ‘Best Pizza Ever’,” Ms. Hughes reports.  “There are so many fine pizza parlors out there, and to be called the best ever is quite an honor!”

The review by AT thru-hiker Tyrell “Hairy Legs” Hickman highlighted the gooey cheese, large size, high calorie content, and filling crust of the pizza.  “I ate two whole large pizzas by myself,” he reports.  “Man, that was some satisfying ‘za!”

Ms. Hughes says she and the staff of “In Your Piehole” won’t let the accolade go to their heads.  “I understand what a great honor this is, that a person who is as well-traveled and selective about their food as Mr. Hickman would regard us this highly!”

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