Letter to the Editor: What’s wrong with the world?

To The Hiking Times,

Hey there!  I’m on a zero day from my Appalachian Trail thru-hike, and I just gotta ask: what is the deal with the world?  I see the worst headlines in the newspapers and stories on that infernal noisy box on the wall.  Murder, sickness, repression, racism, strife, injustice, violence, crime, incompetence, war, mistrust, greed, destruction, malfeasance, death.  It’s depressing, y’all.

The funny part is that everyone says I’m the crazy one for walking 2,200 miles with a pack on my back.  That I’m nuts for living with less.  That I’m off my rocker not to get up every morning and go do faceless work in some giant conglomerate for minor rewards that I can use to purchase more stuff.

But, seriously, people, I’m not the one thinking all these headlines are normal.  Who’s the crazy one here again?

I don’t know what all you people are doing out there in the so-called real world, but maybe you should re-think a thing or two.

Bethany Salazar

Noodle Doosie, Pennsylvania

One thought on “Letter to the Editor: What’s wrong with the world?”

  1. Hello, my name is Adam from ParagonTrails, and I just discovered your website! I really appreciate the sentiment of the Bethany who wrote this article. People need to spend more time outdoors enjoying life to reduce the stress in their lives. There are so many wonderful places to explore! Anyways though, I’m going to look around on the website more, and to anyone reading this, I hope you have fun on your outdoor adventures, and Happy Trails!

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