Mountaintop proposal exactly as woman dreamed, except for sweaty, stinky fiancée

TOKELAND, WASHINGTON — Indigo Beasley’s new engagement was exactly as she had pictured it: sunset on the peak, beautiful diamond ring, and a hot fiancée on bended knee.  However, it seems her new betrothed, Haider Herbert, might have been a bit too hot.

The mountaintop proposal was the result of weeks of careful planning by Mr. Herbert.  He chose the site for its scenic beauty and watched the weather like a hawk to ensure that the moment went exactly as Ms. Beasley envisioned it.

“My mental picture didn’t include an olfactory element… he popped the question and of course I said yes,” said the mostly happy future Mrs. Herbert.  “Then he stood up for a kiss, and ewww, Haider stank like a pig after 2,200 feet of elevation change over 6.2 miles!  Then he got me sweaty in a hug.”

Ms. Beasley came to acceptance that her vision of the moment might have been more wishful than realistic, however.  “I’m getting the man of my dreams who went out of his way to make the most romantic moment of my life what I wanted, and that’s ultimately what matters.  Even if we have to wait for a non-stinky kiss.”

We here at The Hiking Times wish the couple a lifetime of happiness, adventure, and post-hike hygiene diligence.

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