Thru-hiker disappointed at non-alcohol trail magic

PASSADUMKEAG, MAINE — Shamas “Wingfoot” Neville encountered a bit of trail magic today on his Appalachian Trail thru-hike–and he’s not happy about it.  “So I’m cruising along making some miles and I see a cardboard sign that says ‘trail magic’ that gets my hopes up for a cold one.  And then it’s just a bunch of apples… oh boy, hold me back,” says Mr. Neville.

Trail magic is an unexpected bonus found along the trail provided by the kindness of others.  In hopes of brightening the day of those following the 2,190 mile Georgia-to-Maine trail, well-wishers often leave gifts or provide needed services along the trail.

Mr. Neville continues, “Don’t these people know that the best way to brighten spirits on the trail is with booze?  Come on, losers, leave me something good next time!”

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