Backpacker celebrates “clean underwear day”

SCREAMER, ALABAMA — Dilan Whitworth is celebrating a milestone midway through his six day backpacking trip.  “It’s clean underwear day!” the outdoor enthusiast beams proudly.

Mr. Whitworth states that three days is just about the right duration for underwear on the trip.  “The first day is kind of a gimme, all nice and fresh.  On the second day, yeah, I know I haven’t changed the drawers but it’s still all good.  The third day gets kind of fragrant, so I’m totally ready for that new pair.”

He acknowledges that there is a delicate balance involved between hygiene and weight.  “No one wants to carry an extra pair of underwear… what are they, like 50 grams each?  But dirty underwear is pretty ick, and there’s no better way to start out a new day than with a fresh pair of drawers.”

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