Hiker hostel owner not a certified therapist

MILTON FREEWATER, OREGON — Makayla Foreman has heard it all in her role as owner of one of the most popular hostels on the Pacific Crest Trail.  “The beauty of the PCT is that it calls to many people, and some of those are in need of healing,” she says with her kindly, reassuring voice.  “I hear of all kinds of trouble from my guests–mommy and daddy issues, narcissism, escapism, even some guy with an Oedipal complex a couple years back.  But my advice isn’t board-certified or provided under the auspices of the American Psychiatric Association, so take it for what it’s worth.”

“You’re making a recommended donation of $10 per night to stay here,” Ms. Foreman continues.  “Have you checked out what a real therapist costs?  They’re way more expensive.  I’d happily take their billing rate, mind you, but there’s something about degrees and licenses and studying to getting that kind of dough, I hear.”

Ms. Foreman has a much different motivation for managing her hostel.  “Me?  I just like being around young people and hearing the hiking stories.  But if the trail can’t heal them, they better look elsewhere for the best quality mental care and/or prescription drugs.”

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