Man pretty sure his backpack is twice as heavy as everyone else’s

JUMPING BRANCH, WEST VIRGINIA — Kean Miranda knows just how hard it is to carry everything one needs for a trip to the backcountry.  “My pack is like twice as heavy as anyone else in this group,” he states.  “I’ve got so much group gear–a water bladder for all of us, an extra 100 gram isobutane canister, the stakes for the group dining tarp.”

“I hefted Steve’s pack the other day, and that dude isn’t carrying anything,” Mr. Miranda states.  “He’s probably not even over 20 pounds base weight.  I’m rocking 45 at least, I bet.”

Mr. Miranda is quick to say that he’s not complaining.  “Every group has a go-to guy who carries the literal weight, someone to make sure that it’s a good experience even when things go wrong.  Guess we all know who it is in this group, right?”

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